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Fontana Chamber Mobile App Will Help the Community
Stay Connected

   Mobile App users can find local businesses and stay connected with news, events, and exclusive discounts.

To deliver more value to members, and the community, The Fontana Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the launch of its new Mobile App. This mobile app will empower users to:


·         Find members in the Chamber’s directory

·         Search and register for Events

·         Stay up to date on community News

·         View and redeem Special Discounts

The Fontana Chamber Mobile App is a smart investment today, and it will continue to benefit the community for years to come.  According to the Nielsen Company, not only will half of Americans own a smartphone capable of using web apps by Christmas of this year, but smartphones will be the majority stakeholder in the U.S. cell phone market.  This means by next year, half of Americans will have access to phones and portable devices capable of accessing mobile web.  The Fontana Chamber plans to be there to meet them.


If you’re still not sure mobile web is the real deal, in a report by The Nielsen Group it is stated by 2015, 2.7 billion people will access mobile web via smartphones and portable devices.  This means mobile web will overtake desktop internet as the most popular online tool.


The Fontana Chamber Mobile App is free to users, and available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry platforms. To download, click this link – , by using your smartphone or mobile device; you can also click here for additional instructions.